Julia Belova

The larynx shines despite the veil. The vibrations created by fabric layers reveal an underlying movement underneath a surface. View the Artist’s CV Art Works Wet Jesus“ 1000 EUR Porcelain 25 x 20cm

Christopher Frieß & Neon Blau Fish:

Through this painting, we also want to be a voice for the brave people of Iran. For the resistance against oppression and violence, for love, for change. For women, for life, for freedom, for the people. Art Works Price on request Acrylic on PVS banner4m x 6m

Benyamin Maleki

I put two simple words together for you to read. “Repressive Government”Which I believe is the shortest horrifying story of all time. Because there is an endless sea of destruction, grief and terror hidden behind its every single letter. But as we flip through the pages of the history of intelligent life, we understand that […]

Jamileh Azadfalah

In meiner inszenierten Fotoserie tritt der gemalte zweidimensionale Hintergrund mit den in die Luft gehängten skulpturalen Formen in eine spezifische Konstellation. Die Bilder beziehen sich nicht auf ein bestimmtes Ereignis, jedoch erkenne ich in meinen Skizzen und Arbeiten,wie das Schicksal der Menschen im Iran in meine künstlerische Erfahrung eindringt. Etwa auf dem Bild “Abstrakter Raum […]

Sophie Utikal

In my work we often see women who have walked to the ends of the world together. There they are now building a new life for themselves with their environment. They all know that they have already left one (or many) behind. Even if one of the women lives alone on a piece of fabric, […]

Nicole Six und Paul Petritsch

Das Künstler*innenbuch ist für sie Archiv, Kopie, Skulptur, Original, Ausstellungsraum, Display, Notiz, Ideensammlung, Dokumentation, Private Sammlung und öffentlicher Raum. View the Artist’s CV Art Works Fotoarchiv 26.04. 2015 – 06.05. 2014 100 EUR Künstler*innenbuch, 358 Seiten, Kopie sw/color, 312 Abb. 29,2 x 20,8 cm

Silke Müller

Nouruz means “new day” and it is the New Year’s festival in the Persian region. 
It is also celebrated in Iran at the beginning of spring on 20 or 21 March. Nouruz has been celebrated in Persia since 583 BC.
One tradition on this holiday is Sofreh Haft Sin: a set table or table with certain […]

Shuvo Rafiqul

A picture of the tyranny that the state imposes on the people. In short, the image symbolizes hope and a call to action for people united for a better world View the Artist’s CV Art Works Fear 800 EUR Acrylic on canvas board50 x 70cm