I put two simple words together for you to read. “Repressive Government”
Which I believe is the shortest horrifying story of all time. Because there is an endless sea of destruction, grief and terror hidden behind its every single letter.

But as we flip through the pages of the history of intelligent life, we understand that hiding is not what this shameful man-made phenomenon is good at. The reign of fear and humiliation has always escalated the situation to the point of outright brutality and crimes against humanity.

The display of violence in the streets of cities, which should represent civilization and culture, is like a curse without beginning and end.

But if I were to share my own experience of living under totalitarian rule, I’d say the scariest part of considering such a troubling issue is dealing with the fact that you’ve always shared your surroundings with someone who only need a simple command for taking your life.

The fact that for some, it’s just as simple as taking an order and doing their job.

I hope that my art will help shed light on the injustice that many people endure living under totalitarian regimes everywhere.


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