I work in the field of fine arts, using both traditional techniques such as mosaic, ceramics, painting and drawing, and experimental interdisciplinary forms. Fragments of texts, images, media, thoughts: traces of life in any form are carefully examined and abstracted from their place of origin. My interest extends to the field of art in public space; both permanent objects and temporary artistic interventions; alone or in collaboration with other artists and participatory projects with communities and children.

In 2021 I realized a mosaic installation “We are HERE!” on a NEW municipal building in Vienna. This work has a special meaning for me and showed me that my art has to move towards the people.
From this awareness, further works were formed:
A permanent mosaic “More Yellow!” was created as part of a 3-month-long workshop that I conducted for and with the residents of a house in Vienna’s 10th district. The participatory aspect of this project brought for myself and for the neighborhood an understanding of art as a social practice.
In 2022, together with Veronika Dirnhofer, I realized a multimedia sculpture “Palm Tree: 5 after 12” on the subject of the climate crisis in public space in Vienna.
As part of the ‘Sofa(r) on the Way’ collective (with Barbara Eichhorn and Joanna Zabielska) we realized a participatory community project in Istanbul with a focus on the value of our everyday objects and their recyclability, and made garbage the playfully poetic center of the artistic engagement.

A small part of the whole can hardly comprehend the immensely large something of which it is a part of. Even if the question arises as to whether it is even possible to comprehend the whole, we can at least try to grasp a part of it, to reach the whole through its fragments. Step by step, on the way to a whole picture of this world.

Art Works